Cryptocurrency is Set for a 10x Price Explosion According to Analysts

Cryptocurrency-Tamadoge, one of the most well-known ERC20 tokens, takes a novel approach by combining meme currency concepts with play-to-earn (P2E) game elements. Simply put, Tamadoge aspires to be the finest meme coin by capitalizing on the “Doge” style’s widespread appeal. 

Due to retail demand, meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are expected to see massive price increases in 2020. However, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu were doomed because they were not practical, which is crucial to the success of any venture.

For the time being, investors’ attention is focused on Tamadoge, which is already performing admirably during its presale phase.

Cryptocurrency is Set for a 10x Price Explosion

The TAMA native token, used on the Tamadoge platform, has been selling exceptionally successfully, giving resources for the platform’s continued growth. However, the price of TAMA is increasing with each transaction because there is less of it accessible. It’s primarily because the Tamadoge crew has completed all of their milestones ahead of schedule thus far.

According to crypto analyst Jacob Crypto Bury, TAMA has a high upside potential, which we can also see during the presale process. Assuming the presale is successful, TAMA’s potential for growth and subsequent significant returns on investment is wide open.

Despite the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market, the popular Play-to-Earn (P2E) platform continues to set new milestones. However, even if the industry as a whole is still picking itself back up after the crash, the success of tokens like TAMA offers us reason to believe that the worst is over. 

The fact that this is still an early-stage project only adds to the impressiveness of the accomplishment.

Tamadoge Nears $14 Million

Tamaverse ecosystem hopes to become a major player in the blockchain gaming industry. Only about 85% of the presale allocation has been sold as of this writing; thus, there is a limited time left for investors to stock up on tokens at a discount before the launch of LBank and Uniswap. 

Each TAMA coin has a new price tag of $0.0275, but the price will increase by 10% to $0.0300 once the initial supply of 100 million is gone. 


The current exchange rate of 36.36 TAMA for 1 USDT will drop to 33.33 TAMA once Tamadoge completes its presale. So far, Tamadoge has already raised $13.7 million and is on its way to achieving the $16 million target. 

Tamadoge 5% Burn on Pet Store

The TAMA price could rise significantly amid Tamadoge’s burn rate of 5% on pet store transactions. The NFT pets and Tamadoge shop are scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2022. 

TAMA’s value is predicted to increase as gamers hoard tokens ahead of in-store sales’ 5% burn rate. However, since the presale of Tamadoge generated so much interest, it seems likely that the release of the P2E game will similarly cause a surge in player enthusiasm.



What are the differences between a digital currency and a cryptocurrency?

cryptocurrency Central bank-backed digital currencies, such as the potential digital euro and digital yuan, may become a reality in the coming years. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, these currencies promise less volatility and greater security. In addition, they will have the support of their respective monetary institutions, responsible for ensuring financial stability.


Centrally issued currencies backed by central banks

Unlike these two cryptocurrencies, which also have DLT (distributed ledger technology), officially backed digital currencies will be issued centrally and will be backed by their central banks. “One of the differences between a digital euro and a Bitcoin is the way they are issued. While the operations, in the case of the euro, are centralized and the only one that can issue it is the ECB, in the case of a Bitcoin it is totally different,” says Alberto Muñoz Cabanes, Professor at the Department of Applied Economics and Statistics at the National Distance Education University (UNED).


Cryptocurrencies backed by corporations

It is also worth mentioning that digital currency projects not backed by central banks, but by corporations are subject to regulation, such as Libra, now Diem, the cryptocurrency project backed by Facebook. “There are other types of solutions that seek to combine the innovative functionalities found in cryptocurrency networks with greater guarantees for users,” says Español.

These types of currencies are backed by an asset reserve of the institution that issues them and can be less risky than cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. “However, we must bear in mind that, given the novelty of these proposals, the authorities are currently analyzing them and, where appropriate, adapting financial regulation to accommodate these types of solutions,” explains the BBVA economist.

Español also stresses that “these types of solutions, when they have a global reach and a large number of users, pose significant challenges to financial stability due to their systemic importance.”

In search of primacy in digital currencies

The People’s Bank of China, the equivalent of the ECB in Europe, has been running tests of its digital currency since April with the help of four banks in the country. Given the strength that the two Asian technology giants, WeChat and Alipay have acquired in the digital payments environment, China wants to take control from now on, seeing how well these means of payment have worked in the country. Their aim is to have the digital yuan be fully operational by 2022. In the longer term, the Chinese government plans for its digital currency to replace its physical currency across the country.

At an international level, the Asian giant is looking towards a hypothetical scenario in which its digital yuan would become the world´s preferred currency. “The fact of being the first to launch your digital currency allows you to eliminate internal problems, such as ´black money,´ while increasing your fiscal efficiency, since tax payments would be immediate. It would also allow the speeding up of trade, because payments are instantaneous,” explains Muñoz, who underlines the importance that a currency of this type could have on international transactions. The convenience of this type of digital payment could act as a stimulus for rapid adoption by those involved.


The relationship between Cryptocurrency and online casinos

online casinos-Cryptocurrency is the new secure mode of casino payments. With this guide, you’ll understand how different cryptocurrencies work, their pros and cons, and the impact of this trend on the online casino market.

Online casinos are easily accessible and immensely cost-efficient, but at the same time, they don’t compromise on the casino experience. But if we look closely, it is just not the casinos that have evolved. Cryptocurrency is a new economic trend that has taken the internet by storm. Online casino and gambling enthusiasts around the world have embraced cryptocurrency with open arms. This article is for all the fans of cryptocurrency and online casino. Keep reading to find out how these two are connected.

online casinos

Impact of Cryptocurrency on the Online Gambling Industry

Cryptocurrency has become a big part of the online gambling and casino industry. The cryptocurrency payment method was introduced in casinos to provide crypto-enthusiasts with a simple method to pay with their Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are known for their hassle-free, fast, and easy transactions. The public’s discernment of Bitcoin as a reputable form of payment has led to its use in online casinos.

Cryptocurrency is not just beneficial for the punters. Cryptocurrency is very profitable for online casinos as well. Since no third party is involved, the use of cryptocurrency dissolves the intermediary costs applied by banks for payment transactions. This helps online casino make that extra profit previously spent on transaction fees. 

Why Do Gamblers Prefer Cryptocurrency? 

Due to the vast benefits of the Blockchain system, cryptocurrency is greatly preferred by millions of gambling enthusiasts around the world. Here are a few reasons why gamblers like cryptocurrency –

  • You can gamble without worrying about your privacy as cryptocurrency maintains your anonymity. Online casinos using cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment guarantee their customers’ anonymity. This helps them focus on the progress of the game. Most of the free casino games no download could also be played with cryptocurrencies.
  • The blockchain technology used in cryptocurrency prevents the illegal trading of digital money, minimizing the risk of payment duplication. 
  • The security of online casino from any 3rd party hacker is also secured by blockchain technology. The transactions carried out during the games are verified and allocated as codes. These codes are encrypted and virtually impossible to change.
  • Through the use of cryptocurrency, the safety of gambling funds is protected. The reward money can be immediately transferred to an electronic wallet without the added hassle of bank verification.
  • Due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, it is not controlled by any bank or government. Therefore, transaction fees or any extra taxes cannot be applied to your online casino earnings.
  • Bitcoin is a convenient form of cryptocurrency as it can be easily split into smaller pieces. Gamblers betting on a budget should ideally use Bitcoin.
  • Online casinos often offer exciting bonuses and deals to gamblers using crypto coins. This is attractive and profitable to any gambler using cryptocurrencies.


Online casinos and cryptocurrency are complementary to each other in terms of market adaptation and implementation. The blockchain system and its apt utilization in cryptocurrencies benefit both the online casinos and their patrons. It is the responsibility of online casinos to make the gambling experience more enjoyable and secure for their customer – cryptocurrency assists the online casino in reaching that goal. Cryptocurrency still faces some minor setbacks, but it can only get better from here on.