Fantasy Card Game Calvaria Could Become the Top P2E Platform

Fantasy Card Game-Battle card game Calvaria raced through stage 1 of its presale and is now 50% on its way to selling out stage 2 after passing the $350,000 mark.

The new gaming project is to revolutionize the world of blockchain gaming by solving one of its biggest problems – a small player base – in a unique way.

While previous play-to-earn (P2E) games have struggled to attract players, despite their great potential, Calvaria will release two versions of its main game, Duels of Eternity – one P2E and one free-to-play (F2P).

Calvaria Developers to Solve Two Blockchain Gaming Issues

The founders of Calvaria believe there are two major reasons casual and traditional gamers are not making the switch to P2E.

The first is that players can’t even try a game without it being prohibitively expensive – needing to purchase expensive NFTs or in-game tokens to take part.

Fantasy Card Game

The second is that players require some level of technical knowledge, such as how to use a crypto wallet, which can be offputting. 

Calvaria is aiming to solve these two issues with its F2P game.

The game, which will be available in app stores, will be totally free to try and play, with developers hoping the game itself will attract some players over to the blockchain.

Secondly, the free version will include a visible tracker showing how much a player could have earned had they been playing the P2E version.

Finally, the F2P game will include a gamified educational mode that teaches players about blockchain technology and distributes rewards.

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What is Duels of Eternity?

Duels of Eternity is the main game in the Calvaria ecosystem and is a battle card strategy that is set in the afterlife.

Players align to one of three warring factions – which have their own unique traits and strengths and battle other players using their wits, knowledge, and power-ups.

Fantasy Card Game

Furthermore, there is a single-player campaign that will expand the Calvaria universe and where players can earn unique cards and boosters that can be used in the player vs player mode.

To ensure continued growth and interest in the game in the future, Calvaria will incorporate seasonal versions and tournaments, as well as develop an eSports team.

Fantasy Card Game-RIA Token Presale

As mentioned above, the Calvaria token is currently in the second stage of its presale and has already sold more than $350,000 of RIA tokens.

Built on the super-fast blockchain Polygon, RIA is the main ERC-20 token of the ecosystem that will be tradeable on exchanges and power governing decisions in the Calvaria decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Fantasy Card Game

Another token eRIA, will exist for in-game purchases and will be the token used to distribute rewards in matches and tournaments. 

There will be 10 stages of the presale in all, with 30% of the max 1 billion supply for sale.

Read through the Calvaria whitepaper or join the Telegram group for more information.

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Billionaire Chamath Predicts This Crypto Sector Will Transform All Financial Assets

Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya believes that decentralized finance (DeFi) will eventually allow people across the world to monetize and financialize all of their assets, allowing them to be stored on the blockchain.


Palihapitiya, who is a former vice president at Facebook, is currently best known for running his California-based venture capital firm Social Capital. 

“All the leakage you have today goes away in a world of DeFi because you will financialize every single asset possible. You know you’ll financialize your homes. You’ll financialize your cars. You’ll financialize your watches, your jewelry, and your art. You’ll financialize every random thing,” he told the Savvy Finance podcast.

“By monetizing it and financializing it, you can borrow against it, you can trade it, you can pull forward value into the future against it. But it will all be tracked,” according to Social Capital’s CEO. 

Palihapitiya agreed with the host that people would even be enabled to monetize and financialize their careers with the use of the technology.

At the same time, the investor said that, in the long-term, the government would require an “off-ramp to taxation” of such assets, as, for instance, “a physical house exists in the world. You can’t hide the existence of a physical house.”

“Some assets will live anonymously. And those are the assets that don’t need to exist in the real world. But I think what this will create is a world where all of these assets that actually really exist in the world — it will be fine that it exists and that people get taxed on it, but it will be much more legitimate and simpler,” Palihapitiya said. “I think people will trade off incremental taxation for incremental monetizability.”



PrimeXBT Removes All Fees on Traditional Market Trading


In a crypto economic context that is uncertain, to say the least, all good news is welcome! Here are some concerning PrimeXBT, and not the least of which, since the famous exchange has decided to remove all fees on traditional market trading from 12th to 23rd September 2022, allowing all its users to enjoy trading commodities, stock indices and Forex without having to pay any fees at all.


It will have escaped no one’s attention that we are currently in a prolonged crypto winter, the end of which no one can predict precisely. It, therefore, seems logical and even prudent to play the portfolio diversification card. PrimeXBT’s offer of a total freeze on traditional market trading fees is therefore timely in this crisis context. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is a popular saying that has taken on its full meaning.


It is apparent that many traders tend to focus on the cryptocurrency market, sometimes neglecting the traditional markets. However, the latter may be essential for creating a profitable portfolio. One of the arguments in favour of trading in multiple markets (crypto and traditional) is the fact that you can diversify the overall risks. The last few years have shown us that most cryptocurrencies move mostly in the same direction. When the Bitcoin price is down, all markets are down. When the market is bullish, Bitcoin and the major altcoins are also bullish. By trading other assets like stock indices, Forex, and commodities, you will encounter new opportunities and many more chances to profit from the market.


Very often, it is necessary to switch between platforms to trade in different markets. This is not the case here, as you can do everything within the PrimeXBT site. This saves time and is much more convenient for traders.

PrimeXBT is one of the few platforms that offers the possibility to trade on different markets such as metals (gold, silver), stock indices, Forex, oil, and the SP500 stock index. It is also worth noting that it is possible to use leverage on PrimeXBT without having to sell your favourite cryptos to access a wide range of trading assets. You can use not just Bitcoin, Ether, USDC, and USDT but also other cryptocurrencies as margin collateral to operate on several markets.

If you are unfamiliar with commodity trading and Forex, this is the perfect opportunity to get started! If you’re looking to try it one day, you might as well try on a site that completely eliminates trading fees. And if you’re a beginner, we encourage you to check out the PrimeXBT Trading Academy. Read more in this article.



Crypto Fraudster Who Swindled Victims out of Bitcoin and ETH


A South Korean crypto fraudster who duped victims out of some $1.7 million worth of bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and fiat has been handed a five-year jail sentence.

Chosun reported that the man (33), identified only by his surname Han, was sentenced by the Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Court. The court also fined Han around $700,000.

The court heard that Han had claimed to have created a blockchain-powered platform for webtoons – web-based cartoon strips – in April 2019. Webtoons are extremely popular in South Korea, and have grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Han created a firm to back this project, and the company apparently went on to create a cryptoasset. Han claimed that this token would become the sole currency that could be used on the platform. The court heard that he told investors in his project that the firm was seeking to have the coin listed on a major crypto exchange – and that this would see its worth rise 10 times higher than its current level.

The hitch in all of this, the court heard, was that there was no platform – just empty promises. Prosecutors explained that Han lacked both the “ability and the intention to develop a platform” or “list a cryptoasset.” Thirty victims were drawn in by Han’s rouse, however – and backed him with BTC, ETH, and fiat KRW funds.

The court ruled that Han’s claims to be able to boost the coin’s price by seeking a listing amounted to “investment fraud.”

Crypto-Fraudster Gathered BTC, ETH, Was ‘Indifferent to Victims’

Han appears to have continued attracting investors paying BTC and ETH until the police stepped in to investigate the platform last year.

The presiding judge stated that Han had sought to “speculative fever” in the project’s group chatrooms and that he had shown “indifference” to his “victims.”

But the judge also criticized the victims, castigating them for backing “a business based on new technologies without looking closely at the reality of the situation.

The judge added:

“[The victims] made extremely high-risk investments in pursuit of high returns that would be difficult to achieve in a fair manner on the [cryptoasset] market.”

The government earlier this month stated that it had traced $1 billion worth of fraudulent crypto transactions thus far in 2022.



۹ Best Metaverse NFT Projects to Invest in 2022


Metaverse-based cryptocurrency projects have become the talk of the town in the past couple years, since Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg rebranded the company to Meta Platforms and set out to build a metaverse for business.

By introducing playable NFTs in the metaverse using blockchain technology, cryptocurrency projects introduce many more use cases to investors – crypto, NFTs and the metaverse have now become almost synonymous.

However, some investors may find evaluating and searching for the top NFT metaverse projects tricky. To help guide beginners, this article reviews and analyzes the best metaverse NFT projects to invest in 2022 wise.

The 9 Best Metaverse NFTs to Invest in Today

The section below provides an overview of the best metaverse NFTs to invest in 2022.

  • Tamadoge – Newly Listed Token on OKX, Offering Playable NFTs
  • Battle Infinity – Multi-Use Metaverse NFT Platform
  • Lucky Block – NFT Platform Offering Exciting Rewards
  • Decentraland – Cryptocurrency Project with NFT Real Estate Metaverse
  • Axie Infinity – Metaverse with $820,00K NFT Asset
  • The Sandbox – NFT Platform that Lets Investors Monetize Virtual Land
  • Adidas into the Metaverse – Limited NFT Collection Created by Adidas
  • MetaCity – Access a Virtual World with Human NFT Avatars
  • League of Kingdoms – P2E Fantasy Game with Dragon NFTs

Analyzing the Top Metaverse NFTs

To get a broader perspective on the top NFT projects, it is essential to learn more about the platform use-cases, prices and key features. Therefore, the sections below thoroughly analyse the best metaverse NFT projects to invest in right now. 

1.Tamadoge – Newly Listed Token on OKX, Offering Playable NFTs

At the top of our list for the best NFT projects is Tamadoge (TAMA) – a play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency offering in-game earning opportunities to platform members. TAMA is the native cryptocurrency that can be used to participate in the Tamaverse – the platform’s virtual ecosystem that offers playable NFT avatars and other exciting projects. 

TAMA can be used on the Tama store to purchase Tamadoge Pets – non-fungible tokens that take the form of virtual dog-like avatars. Each Tamadoge pet offers unique characteristics and is minted using smart contract functionality. 


Players can also purchase virtual items that are utilized to grow and breed their individual pets. Eventually, the Pet NFTs will be used in community-wide competitions. At the end of every month, top performers are awarded TAMA rewards from prize pools. 

With a total supply of 2 billion, TAMA aims to be a deflationary asset. Moreover, 5% of all tokens spent on the ecosystem will be burnt to ensure the demand is higher than the supply. While 30% of the tokens spent will be set aside for marketing purposes, the remaining 65% will be re-distributed among P2E prize pools. 

In August, Tamadoge completed one of the best crypto presales of 2022. After raising $19 million, the token has now been listed on OKX – one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. With over 20 million users, OKX will allow investors to trade TAMA on its centralized (CEX) and its decentralized exchange (DEX). 

According to the Tamadoge whitepaper, Tamadoge aims to release an AR-based P2E app, a P2E-style arcade platform with physical rewards and make strategic partnerships with popular metaverse projects. Its ecosystem also the potential to become one of the best utility NFT projects.