DEFI-Decentralized finance is taking the world by storm as the digital asset industry evolves with new and reliable products for savings and investments within the crypto ecosystem.



DeFi taking over the world of finance or operating in parallel with TradFi in the years to come?

This very much depends on where DeFiis headed. If DeFi becomes regulated, then it has a good chance to break out of its current niche. DeFialso isn’t for the everyday investor, especially one that is not crypto-savvy.  This is also where Cake DeFi comes in – we offer a centralized platform for anyone to access DeFiapplications and services. In the long run, if those two obstacles to mass adoption can be overcome then DeFihas the potential to be a disruptive force to the legacy financial system.

For those who don’t know, what is the difference between lending, freezer, liquidity mining, and staking, and what is most popular among investors?

Cake DeFi gives you three options to generate cash flow and a passive income: Lending, Staking and Liquidity Mining. Lending is the act of lending your cryptocurrencies in exchange for a guaranteed return of up to 7%. Our most popular product is Staking  as it is relatively low risk, offers competitive returns, with low barriers to entry and understanding. Staking validates transactions on a PoS blockchain and customers get rewards in return. Cake DeFi operates fully transparent masternode pools that enables and allows to currently earn staking yields of around 30% to 40% that gets paid out twice a day (every 12 hours). Liquidity Mining is the process of providing liquidity to a liquidity pool to facilitate trades on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Users have to provide a pair of cryptocurrencies in order to reap Liquidity Mining rewards, which are directly distributed by the blockchain

How much has the business grown?

Cake DeFi has, at last count, over 600,000 customers in 191 countries. This is over ten times the number of customers we had at the beginning of 2021. In 2021, we paid out US$230M in rewards to our customers. In 2021 Q4 alone, we paid out U$74M. Cake DeFi only makes money when our customers make money, as we take a small fee from the rewards they earn. As a startup that is under 3 years, we are very strong financially – we are cash flow positive and have a financial runway of at least 4 years. 

Cake DeFi launched a $100 million corporate venture arm. How did it come about and how can startups apply?

In order to grow and innovate, we have to leverage and engage with external technologies and startups. In the long run, this leads to the disruptive products Cake DeFi is known for. We have therefore decided to commit US$100M for the next two years to invest in and work with startups in new areas of disruption.