U.TOWN-Taiwan’s first crypto casino is committed to creating a high-quality entertainment service platform with “safety and reliability”, “instant convenience”, “fairness and justice” and “professional operation”. You can participate in a fair and just game, and you can also enjoy the fun of playing with players from all over the world. We adhere to the customer-oriented attitude, continuous development and innovation and understanding customer needs are the company’s proud business philosophy, and we hope to create It has created a new entertainment value and achieved the purpose of popularizing it in many ways, and has become an international leading entertainment website.



Electronic games

Including YG Electronics, NLC Electronics, BNG Electronics major brand games, there are hundreds of game types for players to play, and many games will be added in the future!!

Live casino

Baccarat is the main game, and you can feel the sense of presence through live video.


With the latest and most real-time live events and games available to players, and there are many sports to bet on, including: basketball, football, baseball and other well-known sports, you can use cryptocurrency (USDT) to bet on Utown.



Players who have just joined will be offered a 7-day pledge of 30% of the high yield, with a maximum cap of 500USDT. New players must not miss this event!

After 7 days, a certain percentage of membership level will be given to players for pledge, and the highest membership level (diamond) will give you up to 8%.



All users of Utown will get a set of exclusive referral codes after registration. If other users use your referral code to register as a member, you will get corresponding discounts according to the membership level. For detailed rules, please refer to the membership level description

Example: For a Gold-level member account, if all members registered with this account’s referral code have a valid bet amount of 1,000,000 on the day, the referrer will receive 1,000,000 x 0.5% = 5,000 in return on the next day.

Introduced members must meet the following conditions to be considered valid members:

1. The introduced member must have at least one deposit record.

2. The introduced member must have any valid betting records.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

The Utown website only uses the cryptocurrency USDT, and you can use USDT to play various games.

The website offers two ways :

1. ERC20

2. TRC20

Leading future trends

With the change of generation technology, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular all over the world. UTA keeps pace with the times to provide a cryptocurrency-based entertainment platform for customers to reduce transaction fees and improve transaction convenience. In the future, the world will enter the decentralized Internet generation. UTA utilizes the characteristics of encrypted currency to increase the privacy and security of customers using the website, so that customers can play with confidence.

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